This Turns Out to Be If the Car Is Made of Wood Fiber

Scientists are now developing a car created from wood fibers. This means that in the future, cars are no longer expected to be created from metal material. The discovery was initiated by a Professor from Kyoto University, Japan, Hiroyuki Yano. He is leading the study of the creation of cars using wood fiber.

Based on information from report, this innovation is based on demand as much as automotive companies who expect the vehicle material to be lighter. A number of car industries in Japan also stressed that they would look for material choices that would enable them to replace steel. Uniquely, all Japanese researchers claim that the automotive components created from wood fiber are five times stronger compared to steel.

Cars made of wood will certainly save more money.

Wood fiber or cellulose nanofibers can be an option for steel in the decades to come. This material is predicted to be able to reduce the weight of the vehicle, while saving the cost of producing the car itself. Masanori Matsushiro, Project Manager of Toyota Motor Corp, even confirmed that this light wood car is a vital component to support the performance of an autonomous car or electric car.

Matsushiro did not deny that the high cost of production was dominated by steel materials with exorbitant prices. That's why lighter material made of wood fiber will be able to make as much as the automotive industry minimize the burden of their production costs up to one fifth of the time.

The prototype of this car is predicted to pass by 2020.

The wood fiber material will later be combined with plastic material. If this plan is successful, Professor Hiroaki Yano believes that the material will later be used for aircraft material. The plan for the prototype of this car will pass around 2020. Yano also added that in 2030, the cost of producing cars will be reduced by half thanks to the findings of the wood fiber car.