Make More Beautiful, 10 This Room Partition You Can Apply at Home

Room dividers or room partitions are exclusive furniture created to isolate one space from another. The shape and type of room partitions are different. Some are permanent, some can be moved according to needs.

Room partitions are often used for you who want to create a residence that feels spacious but still prioritizes privacy. Now, if you are looking for unique inspiration to partition your room, 10 ideas for partitioning the room below can be an option!

1. You can get natural impression by using a partition from this wood

This one room divider is suitable for those of you who want to highlight the natural impression in the house. In addition, even the thin shape makes this room divider not take up a lot of space.

2. Like to display a lot of photos or artwork? This room divider in the form of a wall can be an option

You can use the wall as well as dividing this room as a location for displaying portraits or artwork that you collect. Your house looks more artsy, bro.

3. If you are a book lover, just use the bookshelf as a room divider. This way, you can make your home feel wider

Multifunctional room divider, here. Besides being able to become a room divider, you can also save a large collection of your books!

4. Have the door left unused? Manfaat becomes this unique room divider

You can also give a unique touch of color so that the room divider is not only functional, but also artistic!

5. You can also make room partitions with used wooden pallets. Suitable for you who have a rustic design house

Instead of being thrown away, it's better to take advantage of used wood pallets to make this beautiful room partition. Ornamental plants can be added so that the natural impression is more pronounced.

6. Not only functional, this one room partition can make your house look more charming

Take advantage of wooden branches with the Christmas light to create a room partition with a dreamy impression.

7. If you are creative, any item can be created into a unique space barrier. For example the barrier from the following clothes hanger

Looking for interesting and unusual room dividers at affordable prices? You can use clothes hanger to be this unique creation, you know. Guaranteed, there is no comfort!

8. Make your home feel artsy with the use of used windows as a unique room partition

Who would have thought, you could use unused windows to become a room divider that is worth this art.

9. For those of you who like simple designs, this room partition from the rope can be an inspiration

Room divider that can make your room look unique.

10. You can also use plant displays as room dividers

If you want to find a room partition while sweetening the look of your house, you can take advantage of this plant shelf. You can fill with so many colorful plants or flowers so that your home feels alive.

How, can you inspire the room partition what number do you want to do in your house?