Effective Good Expels Ants

Like to be annoyed to see food on the table or in the kitchen surrounded by ants? Don't panic and look for insect repellents. With the seven foods below, you can repel ants naturally.

In addition to being cheaper and simpler, the ingredients used are not risky if ingested or exposed to surrounding food ingredients.

1. Cinnamon

Ants really want to go to sweet foods, but not with cinnamon. Even though this one spice has a soft and pleasant fragrance, it turns out that that's the reason ants hate it.

You just need to put a number of cinnamon sticks near a place that is not infrequently touched by ants. Or you can also sprinkle cinnamon powder there.

2. Vinegar

Mix vinegar and water with a 1: 1 comparison, then store in a spray-covered bottle. Every ant group attacks, settles to spray this solution in the direction of the arrival of ants. Can also make vinegar solution to ward off ants by spraying them into the corners of the room.

3. Lemon

Lemon contains citric acid which ants hate, to the extent that lemon juice can be a powerful ant repellent ingredient. How to use it is the same as creating a solution of vinegar, mix lemon juice and water with a comparison of 1: 3. Next, store in a spray-covered bottle.

This solution can also be an option if you don't like the smell of vinegar. The smell of lemon will definitely make your home feel more fresh.

4. Garlic

Garlic is a basic ingredient that is very reasonable in the kitchen. So it doesn't need more effort to find it. You just need to peel the onion skin and cut it into a number of parts to get rid of the ants. Next, place the garlic slices in the corner of the room or near other food ingredients.

5. Skin of cucumbers and oranges

The scent of cucumber and orange skin is apparently not favored by ants, because it is toxic to the types of fungi they consume. So you should not immediately throw away the skin after peeling an orange or cucumber. Put both in the corner of the kitchen to prevent ants from returning home.

6. Cayenne pepper powder

The scent of chili powder will make ants unwilling to approach your dining table. The way is to put as much chili powder on a small container as possible, then place it in a location that ants often encounter. Do not have time to change regularly if the powder granules start to clot.

7. Coffee

Not only has delicious taste, coffee can also guard your house from ant attacks. Just sprinkle coffee powder at points that are often surrounded by ants. Can also be placed on a small container.

In addition to fresh coffee powder, the coffee pulp that has been brewed has the same benefits. But make sure you drink coffee without sugar, huh