Contemporary Furniture Inspiration from Used Wood Pallets

To complete a house, of course you have to buy a lot of furniture and decorations so that your house does not look lonely. At the moment there are not a few furniture stores that offer so many live location equipment according to the design or theme of your chosen residence

However, if you belong to a creative person, there's nothing wrong with creating your own living furniture from used materials. One of the ingredients that you can use is a wooden pallet. The furniture or decoration from this one is really a hit!

For those of you who are still confused, this is the inspiration for furniture and decorations that can be made from used wooden pallets.
1. Mattress pads from wooden pallets are really hits on social media, you know! Your room looks aesthetic

You just need to re-color the unused wooden pallets. Can adjust the color with the design of your room too, you know.
2. Instead of being dumped, it's better to use wooden pallets to work as good as space like this

Very good if you like rustic design. No more need to be busy looking for a desk. Can be more economical!
3. You can also create wooden pallets to be like this outdor sitting

This furniture is very suitable to be placed on the balcony or terrace of the house. So a convenient location to relax with family.

4. For those of you who like industrial and rustic styles, this lamp design can be an inspiration

Next to the wooden pallet, you can also use a used pipe to impress the location of living in an industrial style. Use any lights with various formats to be more unique.
5. This kitchen drawer made from wood pallets makes your kitchen look more unique, you know!

You can put a lot of food like fruit or vegetables that you will cook in this storage drawer.
6. Wooden pallets that are formed and repainted can be used as storage for storing many of the locations needed to live like this

Don't forget to install the wheels so that they can be easily transferred.
7. Do you want to give a sweet touch to the wall of an empty living location? You can do this wooden head board from the pallet

You can also combine the rustic impression of wood with a sophisticated minimalist home design. This can make your minimalist house not monotonous and boring.
8. For those of you who love gardening, you can use wood pallets to display unique plants.

Display of this plant can make monotonous walls become more beautiful.
9. Wooden pallet can also be processed into this unique partition or room divider

For an attractive appearance, arrange wooden pallets with different motifs so that they don't look boring.
10. Instead of using conventional, boring pots, you can use wooden pallets as plant pots in your home

In addition to being a decoration that beautifies the porch of your house, this idea is also functional.

That's a number of inspirations to use wood pallets waste that you can change into many decorative furniture. Instead of buying new furniture, it's better for DIY than this used wooden pallet.