9 Tricks of Bedroom Decorations with Vintage Design!

Boarding room is residence while overseas child. Not being able to always return to the living location in the opposite city certainly creates a dorm room to become the only destination. Well, let you be sure of course the boarding room needs to be designed to suit your taste.

In this article there are 9 simple tips for designing your boarding room with a vintage theme. How do you do it?

1. Adopt pastel colors or bright colors for your room

Paint with bright colors or pastels for the walls of your room. You can add any fresh plants in the corners of the room. The carpet that is spread on the floor of the room can also bring its own vintage impression.

2. Create a calendar with the polaroid photo format!

The wall calendar is too mainstream. Want those who are not ordinary and give a vintage impression? Just try this one design! Print your own wall calendar with this polaroid photo format. Then hang it with a paper clip.

3. Old books can be used as this kind of wall decoration!

Have an old book that is unused? Just make the wall decorations as well as hooks on the wall. You can stick it to the wall with the position open. Want to make it yourself in your bedroom?

4. Just need 3 ingredients, you can make special room wall decoration!

The material that you have to prepare is only 3 items. Prepare hemp ropes, glass milk bottles and flowers (can be native or plastic). Tie the neck of the bottle with a hemp rope and then hang it on the wall with the same position in the picture. At the final touch, enter the flower as the filling.

5. Have used wooden stairs? Just function as a rack at the same time a table

On each step you can give wood as a mat. You can also use it directly as a shelf or table. Guaranteed, your room gets the desired vintage touch.

6. World maps and portraits hung on the wall can be sweet decorations

Want to give the impression of a vintage but present? Try hanging a map of the world, besides that you can hang many kinds of portraits in a hemp rope. As a finishing touch, pretty hanging Christmas tree lights to beautify it.

7. Magic your old suitcase into this retro bookshelf like this

Have a used suitcase that is no longer used? Insert the wooden sheet with the same position in the picture. Voila, you can use it as a shelf while beautifying your room.

8. Have used frames? Just magic becomes the location to hang jewelry!

Used frames or frames should not be cast first. You can turn it into a jewelry location. Stay stretch lace fabric or tree branches as a place to hang jewelry. Want to try making it yourself?

9. You only need 2 ingredients to make a beautiful portrait spot in the room!

Do you want to have this kind of wall in the room? Calm down, you can make it yourself. In fact, you only need to prepare insulation and flowers. Stick the flowers vertically with isolation. So, sweet walls in rooms with a vintage touch. Want to make it?

Are you ready to decorate your boarding room, girls?