5 Benefits of Wood Combs

The wooden comb was once the most commonly used before his fame was replaced by a plastic comb. However, when this is not a little more people return home interested in wooden combs.

In addition to being more durable and environmentally friendly, wood combs also have benefits that do not have plastic combs, like the ones described below.

1. Stimulating hair development

The wooden comb has a dull tooth tip so that it gives a massage effect when touching the scalp.

Besides being soothing, the effect of this massage also helps blood circulation, which makes hair roots easier to absorb nutrients optimally. The next thing that then pushes the hair to grow faster and thicker.

2. Reducing hair loss

Not only affects the development of hair, even the hair roots that are nourished make hair stronger so it doesn't fall out easily.

3. Hair is spared from "static electricity"

Friction between hair and plastic combs can produce static electricity. When in elementary school, this symptom may feel wonderful. But it's useless now.

Too little static will only create tangled and unruly hair. It's not at all awesome, huh? Fortunately, unlike plastic, wood can't deliver electricity so wood combs are safe from this risk.

4. Bye bye dry hair!

Each comb with a wooden comb, the hair's natural oil will be carried from the scalp to the tip of the hair.

This natural oil will coat each strand of hair and work like a conditioner. Do not be surprised if your dry hair will begin to maintain moisture and look more shiny after switching to use a wooden comb. The problem of split hair also decreases because the moisture of the hair will wake up to the end.

5. Combing becomes easier and more fun

Wooden combs have the softest teeth, both when touching the scalp and when through the strands of hair.

By using a wooden comb, tidying the hair becomes easier because there are no more incidents of sticky or entangled hair on the comb teeth. Plus, the effect of massage on the scalp will certainly make you feel comfortable lingering your hair.

In addition to all the uses above, the treatment of wooden combs is not difficult to the point that it seems there is no argument not to move using a wooden comb, huh.