2 Tips for Caring for Wooden Furniture

Every residence location must not have a little variety of decorating devices. One of them is furniture. In addition to its usefulness in storing items at home, furniture can also be used to beautify the room.

Usually furniture is made from wood. When we cannot treat properly, furniture will be easily damaged, eaten by termites, and others. This is what needs to be done so that the business does not occur.

Pay attention to room temperature

Room temperature can provoke the age of wood. Room temperature must be stable so that wood furniture is not easily cracked or curved. If the air in the location stays too hot, the wood will look not natural enough and cause the wood to bend.

If it is moist or cold, the wood will be brittle. Even in the short term, wood will be easy to break.

Clean Wood Routinely

Clean wood from dust and cockroaches using a hand or vacuum cleaner. Because dust is not cared for too long, the wood will look dull. If it is still ignored for a long time, wood will become weathered.

There are a number of ways you can do this. You can take a soft cloth, which has been given a special liquid for wood. So that the wood will look shiny and like new again.
Clean It Immediately When There Is Sticky Stain

Wooden furniture is certainly not a little played by children. When there are sticky stains like candy, for example, immediately pick up the cloth that has been given warm water and wipe it off. After the stain disappears, immediately dry the furniture using a dry cloth. If the wood is too long wet, later it will be weathered and easily broken.